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Brand Change Announcement!

A message from CEO and Co-Founder, Sean Bordner

Introducing:  "Kintivo" 

Our brand is changing!  After 4 years, we've evolved, offering more than just SharePoint® based products and solutions. And we're thrilled to have you grow with us!

To make things easier for our customers we are consolidating into one brand:  Kintivo [pronounced:  kin (as in “next of kin”) tivo (as in “I can fast forward past commercials on my tivo”)].

Until recently, we only offered Microsoft SharePoint® based products and services, adding Office 365® and Azure® in just the last year. In the near future, we're extending our brand to include even more options and benefits.

That's why I'm writing you today. We've outgrown our name and our singular product offering.
We are retiring the “SharePoint®AMS” brand.

And our new brand, Kintivo is taking its place.