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Kintivo's 'Build a Form' Contest

Form building is fun, at least we think so.

The rules to our 'Build a Form' contest are pretty simple:

The first rule of 'build a form' is… do not get caught at work building fake forms.  Consider building something your organization would actually benefit from.

Using ONLY native SharePoint and a free trial of our Smart Forms Module for SharePoint – build a fully functioning form that posts data to a SharePoint list.

You must be a registered participant to win (register here).

You must use a recent release of our free trial or any recent licensed edition (2015 release date). In other words, if you are running a version of our Smart Forms Module that was released in 2011, you should just download the latest free trial.

Kintivo employees may assist you with questions but only from within our LinkedIn Group discussion thread so that all contestants benefit equally.

You are encouraged to help your fellow competitors.  This is something we call "being a nice person".  You may ask/answer questions from within the safe walls of our LinkedIn SharePoint User's Group.  We have a specific Discussion thread for this contest called "Kintivo's Build a Form Contest".    


  1. Register here.

  2. Download the Free Trial (if you do not already have it or if you do not already have a licensed edition).  Build your form solution.

  3. Submit your form solution (submit your entries here) – You may submit as many entries as you wish.  In theory each entry will increase your chances of winning, unless all of your entries are just really bad.

    1. Screenshots are fine, but weak.

    2. Videos are better (Jing .swf's are good) or a YouTube URL.  Your video should clearly demonstrate the business requirement and exactly how you satisfied it.

    3. Hyperlinks to live sites are best, but they must be anonymously accessible so be sure to use the ReCaptcha widget on your form to protect your site from bots. 

Contest Scoring

A panel will rate submissions based on the following:

  1. Business requirements – how well does the form solution satisfy the stated business requirements?  Since you get to invent the business requirements, there's a good chance you can achieve a high score on this one.

  2. Ingenuity – did the form solution leverage native SharePoint functionality, you know, things that SharePoint can already do, like workflows for example? 

  3. Functionality – how much of the Smart Forms Module functionality was utilized?  For example, were widgets such as ReCaptcha, Attachments or Spacers utilized?  Did you make good use of default field values, field labels or insert field values in the form email?  Things like that.


We like keeping things simple.  The first 10 places will get a $100 Amazon Gift Card (you can finally get that selfie stick).  The 1st Place winner will also get one licensed copy of Kintivo's Smart Forms Module for SharePoint (MSRP $1,999).  You can only hold one place, in other words, if you're hoping to win the first 5 places – it's not going to happen (and stop being so greedy). 

1st Place – Licensed copy of Kintivo's Smart Forms Module for SharePoint (MSRP $1,990) + $100 Amazon Gift Card. 

2nd Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

4th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

5th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

6th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

7th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

8th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

9th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

10th Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card

Submission Deadline

Assuming you have a day job and not living in your parent's basement, we don't expect you to drop everything and build a fake form in hopes of winning a contest, unless you actually want to win ;)

Either way, to level the playing field a little, we will be announcing the submission deadline 1 month prior to the deadline. 

The deadline will be announced soon, but we want to make sure we have enough participants to make it fun and enough time to make it interesting. 

You should however get started now and submit as many entries as you wish.  If you're still reading this you are wasting time.  You could have already submitted at least 1 entry by now.

Have Fun & Good Luck!