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​​Shar​ePoint Forms with Conditional Field Logic

I am delighted to announce that conditional logic functionality has been added to our Smart Forms Module for SharePoint​ product line.

This allows the form to respond dynamically based on answers which significantly improve the overall experience.

​It is often helpful to only show form fields if the person filling out the form answered a question in a certain way.  For example, if the person says the best way to contact them is by phone, you might want to display the "Business Number" and "Mobile Number" fields.  If they say the best way to contact them is by email, you might want to hide the phone fields and only display the "Email Address" fields. 

Adding this advanced functionality was in many ways at odds with our relentless ambitions of keeping this product easy to use.

I believe we have successfully infused a highly sought after and advanced feature while simultaneously holding the line on simplicity. 

Dynamic Display Conditions (Conditional Logic / Dynamic Fields)

Dynamic Display Conditions can be applied to dropdown fields.  You can show or hide parts of your form based on the answer. 

This includes any number of fields or widgets that are already on your form.

SharePoint Forms with Conditional Logic.png

In the below example, if the person filling out the form selects "Yes" in the "Uploads?" dropdown field, the form will display the "Attachments Widget" for them to use. 

SharePoint Forms with Dynamic Fields.png 

Note:  Dynamic Display Conditions may be enabled on any dropdown field.  ​