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Rethinking SharePoint Forms

When I started using SharePoint, I was overwhelmed. 

SharePoint was so very different from everything I had experienced before, and I had trouble understanding its core concepts.

I felt the forms were clumsy and absolutely hideous. I couldn’t fathom how a basic component that was so ugly would actually be used by anyone. For me, it took a while before the dots began to connect.

Fast-forward today—thirteen years and four versions of SharePoint later. I still think SharePoint offers more than other platforms, but it is still imperfect. 

Especially when it comes to FORMS. 

Forms are the basic staple for virtually everything you can do in SharePoint, and yet the out-of-the box forms regularly come up short.

The Form That Should Have Shipped With SharePoint
At Kintivo, we believe ANYONE should be able to create a beautiful SharePoint form without the need for special training or a large investment. 
We have spent the last 4 years meticulously working to solve this shortcoming. 
The answer is rooted in simplicity. 

It should be easy.
It should be smart.
It should be beautiful.

The Kintivo Smart Forms Module for SharePoint is the answer. 

The Form That Should Have Shipped With SharePoint
The Kintivo Smart Forms Module for SharePoint is an easy-to-use, no-training-required, intuitive web part for building beautiful forms in SharePoint. 

Why don’t you try it for free?

Some of its exciting easy-to-master benefits include:

  • Intuitive Drag 'n Drop: Put the fields you want where you want them.
  • Your Own Look: Add your own CSS, or use our beautiful Smart Styles.
  • Easy to Insert: Just add a web part to any page.
  • Keep Your Data Clean: Set defaults, show only the fields you want, even set some as Display-only.
  • Instant Notifications: Send an email right from the form, without a workflow!
  • Smart ReCaptcha: Great for external-facing forms to make sure a human is filling it out.
  • Collect Files & Attachments
  • Export Your Data
  • Fun & Flexible & more...

Just because you're working with forms and data, doesn't mean it has to be ugly and styleless. Gathering information from your users is exciting, why shouldn't your tools be exciting too? The Kintivo Smart Forms Module for SharePoint is filled with little details to keep a smile on your face.

Plus, the Kintivo Smart Form is easy to incorporate into your organization's workflow.

It’s a tool that belongs in every SharePoint Power User’s pocket. 

Just try it for free, I know you will love it! You’ll wonder why it didn’t ship with SharePoint in the first place.

Best Regards,
Sean Bordner