SharePoint AMS Reveals Smartphone Contacts Synchronization Service

Oct 23, 2013 - Reston, VA

"Siri, call a person from our SharePoint List"

A new service synchronizes SharePoint list data with smartphone contacts.  The service does not require an app and utilizes native CardDAV standards to achieve interoperability across all major smartphone platforms including iPhone and Android devices.  

"We want our customers to leverage their native smartphone capabilities to quickly [and safely if they are driving] locate and communicate with others" said Sean Bordner, CEO of SharePoint AMS.

While issuing voice commands to a smartphone is not new, contact lists have largely been specific to the smartphone owner.  "Business contacts which happen to exist on a person's smartphone often exist in a silo and are frequently out-of-sync with the actual contact information."

Using this new service with your centralized SharePoint list provides the ability to synchronize a specific list view with your smartphone.  SharePoint login information is stored on the subscribers' device only. 

Subscribers to the service can map fields between their SharePoint list and contacts found on their smartphone; such as First and Last Name, Mobile Number, Work Number, Email, etc.  Once setup is complete, the contacts simply appear on the smartphone and remain synchronized with the most current information from the SharePoint list. 

"We're constantly trying to help our customers manage their businesses more efficiently" said Scott Devore, Sr. Sales & Marketing for SharePoint AMS.  "Many of our customers already have one or more SharePoint lists with contact information for customers, or project team members, vendors, members, or donors – basically it's just contact information sitting in a SharePoint list.  This information is already kept up to date as part of their day-to-day business processes – why not make it highly usable in this mobile world".

About SharePoint AMS


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