Customer Advisory Board


The Customer Advisory Board is a select group of customers whose input is sought for strategic planning purposes on an on-going basis. The primary mission of the Board is to facilitate open communication between SharePoint AMS management and customers. The Board is a crucial source of insights about customer issues and concerns, product development needs and service requirements to SharePoint AMS. Members have the opportunity to influence decision-making at the highest levels of SharePoint AMS management and to experience meaningful interaction with colleagues.

Membership Criteria

Advisory Board members are recognized as visionaries and opinion leaders. To be selected for the Advisory Board, individuals must be:

  • experienced and highly respected in the field

  • articulate about issues and needs

  • willing to commit to participation

The Customer Advisory Board is intended to encompass the full spectrum of the professional association and non-profit markets, with representation from:

  • the major industry segments

  • major geographical regions

  • key constituencies

Members are chosen to represent a mix of types of industries and needs, and are asked to speak not only to the needs of their specific organization, but to the customer constituency they represent.

  • Member responsibilities and terms of participation

  • Members normally join the board in January and serve for a period of three years.

  • Membership is staggered so that approximately one third of the members rotate off the board each December

  • Past advisory board members are considered “members emeritus” and may be contacted from time to time when a broader opinion sample is needed.

  • In order to foster open communication, members will be asked to sign and adhere to non-disclosure agreements. Information provided under non-disclosure will be so noted by SharePoint AMS staff either in print or verbally.

  • Members are expected to participate in the annual Advisory Board meeting, a one-day meeting.

  • Members may be contacted by phone or email on an as-needed basis to provide input on specific issues or strategies.

  • On occasion, members may be asked to solicit input from others in their organization or industry segment.

Interested in joining the Customer Advisory Board?

Please send request to: