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eCommerce Module for SharePoint

Order Processing & Shopping Cart for SharePoint

Add Internal Order Processing, B2B or B2C sales order and management processes plus shopping cart capabilities to your SharePoint site (internal sites or external sites). The eCommerce Module adds ordering and transaction capabilities toAva Tax Certified SharePoint. Take orders for anything; internal supplies, products, merchandise, memberships, event registrations or even subscriptions through a single order system.

You control the checkout process – Process orders for anything, your way!

Used for B2B and B2C sales order and management processes. Used externally to sell shippable and non-shippable products. Used internally for eProcure processes.

Organizations also use eCommerce Module for SharePoint to automatically grant access to secured online areas such as portals, sites, sub-sites, document libraries or pages.

Subscription based products can be set to expire based on # of days from purchase, or a specific date, never expire or automatically re-bill.

The Shopping Cart for SharePoint represents your customer’s order experience, …statistically, you have one chance to make it count.

Automated Real-time Remarketing

Remarketing allows your enterprise to get real-time information on who’s abandoning their cart.  It is estimated that 74 percent of all carts (mobile, desktop, and laptop) are abandoned before the transaction occurs. 

The key to this remarketing is timing.  Ninety percent of leads go cold after an hour.  However, if you contact the abandoner too soon, well, it’s a little creepy.  We recommend waiting almost one hour.

The system auto-sends the abandoner an email with campaign specific wording about a special offer.  On average you can expect a 60 percent uplift in revenue.

When coupled with MailChimp Sync for SharePoint, you can also minimize “contact fatigue” with insights into how many times a user has been contacted. 


Give your online shoppers a smooth ride all the way from the shopping cart to the secure (PCI Compliant) checkout process. The Shopping Cart for SharePoint provides all the functionality your customers have become accustomed to with modern online shopping sites. This includes the “keep in cart” functionality which makes it easy for a customer to set the quantity to zero (0) to see how it affects the price, yet not be forced to hunt for the product to add it back to the cart. Should the customer decide to remove an item from the cart, they can do that as well.


Customers will appreciate being informed in advance when the price of an item in their chart has changed:


You may specify several other SharePoint Shopping Cart options to control its overall appearance and behavior.

The SharePoint Shopping Cart offers modern checkout functionality. The 2 step checkout first captures address information related to the order, and then payment information. Customers may add multiple addresses (example: Mom’s House, Work, Home) – and ship items in their cart to the various different addresses (just like the most popular online stores). The SharePoint Shopping Cart also handles non-shippable items mixed in with shippable items during checkout. Customers may also add coupon codes and select multiple different shipping addresses (per item) and recalculate the total to see how the shipping cost is affected.


The capabilities of a modern online store, the sophistication & power of SharePoint

Let’s face it, ecommerce can sometimes be a hassle. With other solutions, you need a bank account, a merchant account, a payment gateway account, AND you have to make sure you stay on top of the ever changing sales tax rates which can be a huge Accounting burden – and that’s not even the technical part (online store, shopping cart, inventory, coupons, membership level discounts, etc…).
Simply put, we shift the ecommerce burden from your organization… …to ours.

There is no need to change existing banking relationships except to notify them that your merchant web store is now fully compliant because you have outsourced your credit card payment handling to a cloud-based PCI security service, a PCI DSS Compliant Level 1 service provider.

  • Automated pricing structures based on membership level and status.

  • No harsh transitions from your store to another company’s ugly checkout page.

  • Higher security without additional setup, hosting and auditing costs.

  • Product catalog.

  • Shopping cart and secure checkout.

  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts and more completed orders.

  • Product web part (place products from your catalog wherever you wish).

  • Product targeting (automatically display specific products to specific audiences)


  • Secure (PCI Compliant)

  • International Tax Rate Calculations

  • Multi-currency

  • Product Catalog

  • Product Categories

  • Related Products

  • Product Types (Site Access, Downloadable, Shippable, etc.)

  • Product Variants (Color, Size, Package XYZ, etc.)

  • Highly Flexible Product Display Options

  • Shopping Cart

  • Checkout Page(s)

  • Order Notifications

  • Discount Engine

  • Multi-Level Pricing

  • Shipping Calculations

Display products where you want:


Clean and modern shopping cart: 


Display products how you want:


Flexible checkout options: 


Secure Credit Card Processing:


“The eCommerce Module is based on enterprise ecommerce best practices. It’s a collection of intelligently architected Web Parts, SharePoint Lists, Content Types and API integrations which form a highly flexible and modern ecommerce experience for your site managers and customers. We are so proud to be the one’s ushering 21st century ecommerce technology onto the SharePoint platform!“

-Sean Bordner, CEO


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