Best Membership Software

Used by mid-to-large sized associations and non-profits, our Association Management EcosystemTM is a robust and highly-flexible SharePoint based Association Management Software (AMS) solution.

We started with a multi-billion dollar platform developed and maintained by the largest software manufacturer in the world and added in the components most often requested throughout the past 10 years by associations and non-profits.  All according to best practices and industry standards. 

We shape the AMS around your organization while preserving the overall platform framework and functionality to ensure seamless upgrades and supportability. 

The goal

Our goal is to provide every association and non-profit (big or small) with the opportunity to make an affordable investment in high-quality association management software that becomes an asset to it in the years ahead (instead of a liability!)

The AMS vendor typically controls the technology, making it expensive to make even the slightest tweaks required by your organization. This is not the case with our Association Management EcosystemTM.

Hello simplicity!

The platform is simple enough that it can be mastered and/or maintained by just about anyone with technical skills.  Our certified training ensures your team will be competent and effective system users. 

Beyond the powerful capabilities you would expect from your association management software to have, Membership Manager also sports the ability for YOU to easily shape it for how YOUR organization conducts business.

Membership Manager is flexible.

Run it on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud (Membership Manager also runs on Office 365 – a.k.a. the “Microsoft Cloud”).

Membership Manager is powerful.

Membership Manager runs on Microsoft SharePoint, even the FREE edition of SharePoint.

Membership Manager delivers more than any other association management software.

It’s smarter.

Membership Manager leverages SharePoint and Microsoft Office to deliver a feature rich solution at an affordable price. Membership Manager enjoys a rich bloodline by design. In fact, Membership Manager runs on all editions of the extremely powerful Microsoft SharePoint platform (Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise).

It’s more powerful.

Not to toot our own horn… but you could take every association management software vendor out there now; combine ALL their product R&D dollars – and they will STILL not have the investment equal to what Microsoft has invested in JUST the SharePoint Search Engine, not to mention the tight Office integration with applications such as Outlook, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote – all of this as part of our association management software.
It makes sense.

Many organizations are already running SharePoint at some capacity. Perhaps your organization is using SharePoint internally (a great location to drop in Membership Manager). Nevertheless, even if you don’t already have SharePoint, SharePoint Foundation can be downloaded FREE – and you can be up and running Membership Manager in no time. Host it yourself on-premise, host it in our private cloud, or with a hosting provider. Our association management software will work wherever SharePoint is installed.

It’s modular.

No two organizations are built exactly the same. Only purchase the association management software modules you need, and leave the rest.

It’s reliable.

Built entirely on Microsoft SharePoint you can rest assured your member data is secure, findable, usable and highly reliable.

It’s cost effective.

Shaping our membership software to meet your specific needs is easy. The ongoing maintenance is low. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is low.

It’s scalable.

This membership software will grow with your organization and not hold you back. Membership Manager has been thoughtfully architected for scalability. The max number of members is currently 30 million, but this number is expected to increase with the next release of SharePoint.

It’s configurable.

You can shape Membership Manager the way you need to, without custom development and without paying us to do it for you.