Membership Manager

Next generation of association management.
Association Management Ecosystem™ - a new approach to association management activities.

Our Association Management Ecosystem™ approach is for mid-size and large organizations – working with customers that include both company and individual based memberships, and multi-faceted systems. Our integrated approach spans staff, members, and public sites, access and revenue functions and extends beyond our own mobile apps into an API centric developer rich ecosystem.

What’s an Association Management Ecosystem™ ? 

It’s how a Fortune 500 company would run an association. 
It’s about tracking member engagement.  It’s about understanding the content your members are consuming.  It’s about managing relationships, memberships and events.  It’s a way to securely deliver member only content, superior findability and collaboration to your members and staff.  It’s about time.

Check out the latest Customer Spotlight to learn how our customers are improving their approach to association management activities.  

Why not try using the right tools for the job? 
For example:  "Siri, call a person from our member directory" (read more...)


How we’re different

We believe one tool cannot possibly deliver greatness across all functional landscapes.  Our unique Association Management Ecosystem™ approach incorporates the best of all landscapes.  

If you are looking for a single tool that claims to do everything, you will find it, but not here.  There’s hundreds of AMS systems making that claim and we truly wish you the best – we can still be friends ;)

However, if you are trying to identify a superior approach to your association management activities, we invite you to consider our Association Management Ecosystem™.

An API centric architecture, you are assured your solution is sustainable, integratable, secure, usable and highly relevant.

Why we’re different

We are private and employee-owned. Our leadership team includes solution architects, developers and process experts – people deeply experienced in association technology.

Why SharePoint as the authoritative platform?

Simply put, we wanted to start on a platform that was aligned with what associations are clamoring for. Our approach requires a platform that is highly extensible with strengths in areas our customers care about like collaboration, content management, records retention, search, document management, security and of course affordability.

SharePoint excels in these areas and many others. The SharePoint ecosystem is the largest in Microsoft history and continues to grow at a healthy rate. While SharePoint may not be a magic bullet, nothing else even comes close. The platform has evolved and continues to be advanced by the world’s largest software manufacturer. If you have not seen SharePoint in a while, you should.

AME Certification

Association Management Ecosystem™ team members and key end users experience training in state-of-the-art training facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The interactive, hands-on classes introduce participants to the software, discuss how it will impact workflows, and provide a foundation for a successful implementation.

Association-Management-Software.pngOur end-user learning package, prepares end users to use the system on the first day of go-live through a robust curriculum of preparatory e-learning lessons, lesson plans, hands-on exercises, post-training e-learning lessons, “quick start guides” and optimization materials. These materials are tailored to specific roles and are scenario-driven.

E-Learning, scenario-based e-learning programs are available for nearly all of our applications and include strategies for different learning styles. These e-learning modules will help your staff get up and running quickly.

For example, our tutorials guide your team members through typical day-to-day tasks such as working with members, committees, profiles, and related activities.  E-learning can be used as a standalone learning tool or in conjunction with formal, instructor-led end-user training.