Customer Service & Support

​Picture Perfect Satisfaction

We recognize the extreme importance of providing you with excellent product support. We completely understand that the people supporting our customers are as much a part of our product as the install bits. Our commitment to your satisfaction and building a long-term relationship is our top priority. We aspire to exceed your expectations every time, and that’s what makes us different.

We proudly stand behind our products. We recognize that improvement is an unending process, so our commitment to your satisfaction with the products we provide will remain the underlying principle that guides us.

We know that achievement goes well beyond providing outstanding features and functionality. It’s taking into account all the touch points and steps within our processes, analyzing them, and making improvements where necessary – then delivering results optimally and consistently.

Because business is in a constant state of change, this is a never ending process. That’s why we survey our Customers each year to identify any areas needing improvement.

We facilitate an active CAB (Customer Advisory Board) whose input is sought for strategic planning purposes on an on-going basis. The primary mission of the Board is to facilitate open communication between SharePoint AMS management and customers. Members have the opportunity to influence decision-making at the highest levels of SharePoint AMS management and to experience meaningful interaction.

We selectively hand-pick our partners based on their experience, quality of work, size and specific area of expertise. We encourage you to leverage our Partner Network as they are not only extremely proficient with our products, but they are extremely proficient with SharePoint – which helps us fulfill our commitment to picture perfect satisfaction.

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