Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Please see our updated “Pricing” page.


Q:  Can I host it in the cloud?

A:  Yes. We do offer cloud hosting (SaaS). Contact us for current cloud hosting rates.


Q:  Can I install it on my existing SharePoint deployment?

A:  Yes.


Q:  What are the requirements?

A:  Our SharePoint Apps run on all editions of SharePoint (even the FREE editions of SharePoint).


Q:  Which is better; Tiger or Monkey style Kung Fu??

A:  Depends on the terrain.


Q:  Will your SharePoint Apps run on Microsoft’s SharePoint Online cloud offering “Office 365”?

A:  Yes, but not all.  Send question to


Q:  Will you migrate our membership data from our existing AMS solution?

A:  Yes, but this is not included in the product pricing. Contact us for estimate.


Q:  How much are “Development” or “Test” Licenses?

A:  $0.00 – No additional licenses required for non-production servers. Please see our "Pricing” page.


Q:  How many user accounts does Smart Login / Membership Manager store?

A:  The solution will grow with your organization and not hold you back. It has been thoughtfully architected from the very beginning for scalability. The max number of users is currently at 30 million, but this number is expected to increase with the next release of SharePoint.