Membership Manager an Association Management Ecosystem™

Membership Manager is a way to thoughtfully deliver world-class features to your staff and members.  It’s based on Microsoft’s wildly popular SharePoint platform which is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office.  It’s a single platform that can serve as your staff facing AMS, member facing extranet, and public facing web content management system.  It’s highly customizable and feature rich.  Experience a better way of approaching your association management activities.

Membership Manager is entirely browser based. Your managers use a web browser to manage all aspects: adding and editing members, member roles & levels, groups, documents, tasks, events, surveys, and more.

This is the staff only Membership Manager Dashboard
Figure 1 - Membership Manager Dashboard

Most popular features include modern ecommerce, a clean responsive design, audience targeting, member management, membership level inheritance, highly collaborative member sites, member profile self-management, standard/custom reports, group management, email and social marketing, workflow automation, content versioning and publishing capabilities, event registration and attendee centers, and a search engine that gets smarter over time.


Share documents
A single place to store all your documents and collaborate with colleagues and members in real time.

Social feeds
Use feeds to stay on top of relevant content and collaborate with coworkers and members.

Groups and communities
Engage in discussions with experts and find answers.

Anywhere access to people and your information.


SkyDrive Pro
Keep your documents in sync and access them wherever you go.

Create a single location for your team to organize content, share ideas and manage information.

Task management
Manage personal and team tasks right within SharePoint and integrate with familiar tools like Outlook and MS Office.

Site mailbox
Manage your project email and documents in one place.


Find stuff
SharePoint search is like Bing for any information within your organization.

Your results
Personalized results based on your intent and past behavior.

Find people
Connect with the experts in your enterprise.

Discover insights
Explore and combine data from multiple sources using PowerPivot.

Visualize data
Share dashboards and interactive reports using Power View.


Install Apps
Customize and extend your SharePoint sites.

SharePoint app store
Discover and download apps.

Build websites
Design and publish rich websites using familiar tools and internet standards.

Adaptive site experiences
Create a unique experience for every visitor to your website.

Your members have a full self-service experience

Your members, donors, prospects, or customers may create their own accounts; update mailing addresses, change passwords, and much more.

Membership Manager is Feature Rich

  • Modern Ecommerce
  • Customizable
  • Responsive Design (device agnostic)
  • Integratable
  • Flexible Membership Types: Inherit Membership Level from Company, Individual Membership Level, Hybrid of both.
  • Browser-based interface including mobile interface
  • Event Registration and Attendee Centers
  • Online Membership Renewal
  • Reporting (standard, ad-hoc and custom)
  • Outlook Compatible (view members as contacts in Outlook, share Calendars, work with Tasks)
  • Email: Easily build email lists of member segments (ex. “all CEO’s”)
  • Browser-based configuration including adding member fields, group types, member types, and more
  • Role-based interface
  • Member self-service browser interface
  • Configurable interface using Web Parts
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Export to Excel
  • Connect to Microsoft Access
  • Group Management
  • Chapters
  • Committees
  • Councils
  • Boards
  • Volunteers
  • Donors
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Officers and Leader management
  • Member Management
  • Multiple member types including prospect, registered user, member, and even various member levels
  • Multiple addresses, social network connections, email, and websites per member
  • Member Details
  • Related content
  • Tasks
  • Calendars
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Surveys
  • Discussion boards
  • Email Alerts
  • Workflow
  • Advanced Search

You can host Membership Manager how you need to.

If you already have SharePoint and want to host it yourself, download and install Membership Manager in your environment. If you want a cloud or SaaS solution – you get to choose the hosting option that makes the most sense for you. Choose from one of our partners, or any hosting provider you wish.